58 Ballarat Rd, Yarraville

This is a tiny place in the middle of Yarraville that looks like a pub outside.  Inside it was the most cutest place with such great ambiance. The staff were very friendly and what did we get but the chef’s selection of the tasting platter.  So we asked the waitress what we were getting and all she said was “it’s what the chef feels like whipping up”!  I thought that was really great as it’s a day to day basis on what we’ll get.  

We had chicken popcorn with corn and some saucy mayonnaise in a very cute glass jar.


Out came a plate of fruits with smoked ham (something like prosciutto i think) and mashed ricotta.  It didn’t tickle my fancy but it did look very pretty.


 Next up was a plate full of chicken.  It was boiled chicken and another crumbed chicken with mushroom sauce filling and brocolli on the side.  This was amazing!!  Even the brocolli sauce was so yummo!!!


Then came out the desserts!! No matter how full I get, there is always room for dessert!! Churros with melted chocolate drizzled on top.  It was so crispy and perfect.  So good and satisfied my chocolate cravings although my photo doesn’t do it justice. 


Finally the last dish, chocolate mousse with honeycomb!  A heads up though, the honeycomb got stuck on my teeth and had to cover my mouth when talking!

I would definitely come back for the surprise tasting platter again (will always be different i’m told) and for the great service and the price was very reasonable too!  Such a little gem in yarraville.

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184 Burgundy st, Heidelberg

Came here for a quick lunch before an outing and was not disappointed.  The menu looked amazing! Since it was a cold and dreary day, I got the hot chocolate and it came with one marshmallow. I found that it was chocolate-y enough for me and needed to add some sugar to sweeten it.


Then I waited patiently for my Burgendy St Burger and boy was I not disappointed.  Stuffed with Angus beef, cheddar, egg, bacon, tomato, lettuce, caramalized onion and the list just goes on.  It was huge, yummy and very filling! 


Mr D ordered the Rustic Style Breakfast and he expected of course the big breakfast.  When it came out it was displayed very nicely but Mr D commented that it was big enough (this is always the case wherever we go!).  He said there wasn’t anything special about it and regretted his choice so I gave him half of my burger of course because sharing is caring.


It is a very cute spot in Heidelberg and is located very close to the station.  It is out of the way and unless I’m in the area, I wouldn’t travel all the way here for lunch as I don’t find it very ‘wow’!

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Shop 2, 27-31 Hardware Lane, Melbourne CBD

Decided to finally go to Big Boy BBQ as I’ve heard lots of people raving on about it.  Entered the little shop and it was such a boy’s place to dine.  Sauces on the table, large plastic red cups and american slow cooked meats with unlimited soft drinks refill!! We couldn’t decide what to get so we finally decided to get the little boy platter to share amongst three (I’ve got a teeny tiny stomach and there was too much meat)! So on the platter we got the pulled lamb shoulder, saucy beef brisket and 1/2 lamb ribs!  When it came out and was huge!! However, I found it to be a tad salty and it wasn’t really my cup of tea.


For sides we got coleslaw (just to feel a bit healthy and yes i know its not!) and crunchy lightly spiced chips.  OH MY GOSH! The chips were amazing.  Whatever spice they used, it was the best!


I understand why boys would come here because this is a very boys boys place!  chips are great and the meat aren’t too bad either!  It’s not very expensive and its hidden in hardware lane.  Who could say no?

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71 Alfrieda St, St Albans

St Albans is surrounded by numerous vietnamese eateries and we decided to have dinner at Song Huong.  It’s always busy and there’s two sections.  As we entered, we were seated very quickly and were given menus.  I, of course got my stir crispy combination noodle and I couldn’t be happier.  It was such a huge portion and boy was it crispy.  The sauce was amazing and there was so many things on it ranging from seafood to chicken!! This is the third place in St Albans where I get my combination noodles and this is the best one yet.


How can I go to a Vietnamese restaurant and not get my all time fav, DURIAN SMOOTHIE!! YUMMOO!!!!


Mr D of course got his all time fav Vietnamese dish broken rice with vietnamese ice coffee served traditionally in a drip!!! it was noticeably bigger in size compared to other vietnamese places and much more flavorsome!


Overall, would definitely come back for really cheap and good vietnamese eats with vietnamese music playing in the background.  The service is quick and the staff are very efficient.

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87 Flinders Ln, Melbourne CBD

I came here for date night and had no regrets! The weather was gloomy and rain was pouring but we battled the seasons to get into Terra Rossa. Once inside, the atmosphere was buzzing and we were greeted instantly and shown to our table. The menus came out and we skimmed over it and everything looked delish. The slow cooked duck salad was sold out (damn!! really wanted it) so we decided to order drinks and the savoury first.

For entree we had a share plate of veal and pork polpette with with tomato sugo, salted ricotta, basil and ciabatta. To be honest I had no clue what it was and I was glad we ordered it. The polpette on its own was a little bit bland but when eaten with the rest of the dish, it was amazing.

Next up was my grilled lamb rump with fried potato gnocchi, broad beans, fennel cream and jus and YES everything was perfect. The lamb was cooked to medium where it was pink and tender and the gnocchi, my gosh it just melts in my mouth.

We also had the free range chicken breast with roast kipfler potatoes creamed corn, spring onion and crispy speck. To be honest, loved my main more but Mr D loved his chicken and couldn’t get enough of it. Yes both mains looked teeny tiny on the ginormous plates but don’t let that fool you because it was much bigger than we thought it was.

Of course we couldn’t end date night without dessert. Being at an italian restaurant, what did we opt for? TIRAMISU!!! The coffee, the fruits, the praline! What more do I need to say!!

I would come back because not only was the food amazing, the service was top notched too!!

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6th March - 9th March 2014

Between Princes Bridge and Swan St Bridge Melbourne CBD

Labour day weekend is here and of course the annual Moomba festival is on.  This year Moomba celebrates its 60th anniversary.  So we got our hats and sunnies on and beat the heat to explore Moomba once again.

Filled with families, friends and couples walking around.  High rides that scares children and exhilarates others, mini game stalls and of course the huge stuffed toys, there’s something for everyone.

As night time fell, the rides were lit up in neon flashing lights (even strobing lights which I think some people can get seizures…so dangerous!!).

Finally at 9:30pm the fireworks start for family and friends to enjoy.  Can’t wait to go every year!!

83 Flinders Lane, Melbourne CBD

We were just looking for a spot to have quick dinner and thought Flinders lane is the way to go as all the yummy places were there.  My mistake.  We entered and was greeted by unfriendly staff and was showed to the table.  The menu did look impressive with a wide range of varieties, however the menu itself was dirty with bits off food on them.  The waitress came over to take our order and instead of writing it down, she wrote it on our paper placemat which  made me feel not important and at some fast food place.  She didn’t acknowledge us or even try to smile.  

The food came out and the first dish is the wagamama ramen with pork belly.  Yes the presentation looked lovely but the taste was very average.  In my opinion, the soup needed more flavour.  I just felt as if there was no effort at all in preparing this dish and they were just thrown into the mix.


I also ordered the Gyoza with garlic soysauce.  It was steamed dumplings with a pan seared bottom (which confuzzled me).  I didn’t mind this actually.  What irked me was that it costs almost $10 for 5 gyozas yet it was very average.


To be honest, I wouldn’t come back here if I had a choice.  There are many places in the CBD which offers ramen and dumplings at a reasonable price.

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7:30pm 5th March 2014

Palais Theatre - St Kilda, Victoria

I heard that Brian Mcknight was coming to Melbourne for one night for his More than words tour and I just had to go.  For those who don’t know Brian Mcknight, the song that he is known for is ‘Back at one’.  He is an old school R&B artist who sings a lot of love songs (*swoon*).  He has 15 albums out and has one of the smoothest voices around. 

We found the setlist and the doors were due to open at 7:30pm and the DJ comes out at 8pm which means that Brian wouldn’t come out till 9pm :(.  So we decided to turn up to Palais theatre around 8pm to rock it out with the DJ and we were not disappointed.  He played reggae to pop and of course R&B.  The crowd was pumped with a lot of the crowd being an older generation and everyone was dressed up as it was an outing!

Finally, 9pm arrived and the lights were dimmed and guess who appears on stage???!!! YES BRIAN MCKNIGHT WAS OUT AND GOING TO PERFORM!!

As I haven’t been following his latest hits, I must admit, I preferred his old school songs than the latest ones.  It was a bit too poppy for my liking but he was very adorable and charismatic.  He was very interactive with the crowd and did lots of dorky dancing and you couldn’t help but giggle at him.  Then he busted out the old hits. YES back at one! YES 6, 8, 12! YES my kinda girl! The crowd went wild once he went back to the days where everyone reminisce the old days and old/new partners!

Brian is a very good entertainer, singer and comedian.  He is so adorable and I had one of the most enjoyable nights as I’ve been to a lot of concerts where it was all about the fireworks, the lights and all the hoo-hah!! Brian, you were amazeballs!! 

Queen Victoria Market, Melbourne

Every year the Queen Victoria Market Wednesday night market gets bigger and bigger.  Changing its name from the Suzuki Night Makert just to Night Market it is open every Wednesday in summer showcasing music, food and various stalls for the festive people to come and enjoy a night out.  Through rain and shine, it opens until the end of March and no doubt there is always people attending.  Who could say no when you see crowds of people enjoying themselves!!


Of course the main attraction is all the food stores that open from 5pm - 10pm selling their signature dishes!  This year there were a few stalls including Hammer and Tong, Hoy Pinoy, Mamak, The Meatball Company to name a few.



Hammer and Tong was where I stopped first as I am a sucker for soft shell crab.  The crab was so crispy and the sauce was amazing.  It was their signature dish and they were very efficient at mass producing the burger! 


Next was dessert (had a huge dinner beforehand) and of course I went straight to the Dutch Pancake (poffertjes) stalls!!


Got my favourite flavour and I got maple syrup, icing sugar with vanilla ice-cream.  It was like a cloud of pillows for my tongue! Keeping it simple is the way to go.  Maple syrup may have been too sweet on its own but with ice-cream it takes that away and adds a refreshing taste in your mouth!


Finally had to try the creme brulee from the cart.  As expected, I was serve by a really nice french lady who caramelized the sugar just before you buy it.  Mine was a bit burnt in the middle though.  The custard and the perfect caramelized areas made up for it and I was impressed with the quantity as well.


As my full tummy struggled to eat anymore I headed on home.  I love going to the Night Market due to the atmosphere and enjoying food whilst catching up with friends.  I would really recommend coming here to relax and enjoy the night.

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495 Ballarat Rd, Sunshine

I’ve always drove past here so I finally decided to actually come in. Came in early on a Tuesday night for dinner and it was empty, the decor was cute with lanterns hanging from the roof and background music had old songs playing.


Finally decided what to order (we had no idea) so went for Banquet A (as there was only two of us, this was the only banquet we could get). I ordered the Durian smoothie (uses fresh durian and it was YUMMY!!) and M got the strawberry ice blend with jelly (very refreshing!).


First up was the chicken and corn soup. To be honest it was plain and nothing special about it. The chicken had no taste to it at all and there wasn’t any salt and pepper on the table for use to season it with.


Spingrolls with fish sauce came out and that’s such a hit at every restaurant and it was very good. The fish sauce was a bit too sweet for my liking but I really enjoyed the springrolls.


Next entree was chicken skewers and this wasn’t a big hit for me. The chicken was dry and didn’t hit the spot.


The mains were next with special fried rice, beef in black bean sauce and sweet and sour pork! The only one which I really enjoyed with the sweet and sour pork. The batter was so sweet and crispy. To be honest, there wasn’t anything special about the special fried rice and the beef in black bean sauce could have been much better….




The final dish was just vanilla ice cream with two pieces of peeled lychees. Very disappointed as I feel there wasn’t any effort in them whatsoever.


This is a malaysian place which I probably wouldn’t reccommend to people but it is one of the cheap places you could go to.

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