83 Flinders Lane, Melbourne CBD

We were just looking for a spot to have quick dinner and thought Flinders lane is the way to go as all the yummy places were there.  My mistake.  We entered and was greeted by unfriendly staff and was showed to the table.  The menu did look impressive with a wide range of varieties, however the menu itself was dirty with bits off food on them.  The waitress came over to take our order and instead of writing it down, she wrote it on our paper placemat which  made me feel not important and at some fast food place.  She didn’t acknowledge us or even try to smile.  

The food came out and the first dish is the wagamama ramen with pork belly.  Yes the presentation looked lovely but the taste was very average.  In my opinion, the soup needed more flavour.  I just felt as if there was no effort at all in preparing this dish and they were just thrown into the mix.


I also ordered the Gyoza with garlic soysauce.  It was steamed dumplings with a pan seared bottom (which confuzzled me).  I didn’t mind this actually.  What irked me was that it costs almost $10 for 5 gyozas yet it was very average.


To be honest, I wouldn’t come back here if I had a choice.  There are many places in the CBD which offers ramen and dumplings at a reasonable price.

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